SIMPLIFY. Declutter. A 12-Month Journey to a Simpler Life

Join the 12-Month Challenge!

Create ease, at least a *semblance* of order, balance, and eventually (if not already) a big impact in the world. How?

The simpler you make ANYTHING in your life, the easier everything else becomes!

Join us for this 12 month decluttering challenge, and keep access forever, because let’s face it… it’s an ongoing task.

This will keep you coming back, with a focus each month, each week, and even specific suggestions during the week, so it’s broken down for you, and won’t seem so daunting.

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Just start

Come As You Are

We're all starting somewhere. This is a non-judgmental, safe space to learn, grow & support one another, led by a previous near-hoarder turned minimalist.

Your Decluttering Coach

Why you want ME guiding you on this

I've been where you are, guaranteed.

I went from so much stuff it wasn't possible to clean properly; overwhelmed, depressed, and stressed out; to a minimalist mom coach, (before growing into my purpose after my life was simplified).

To this day I moderate a group of 40K minimalists, which I was invited to do because of my passion, participation & transformation during my original decluttering years.

I do this out of LOVE for it, it's an unpaid gig.

SIMPLIFYING & decluttering are now the foundation of everything I do; as a coach, an entrepreneur, a mom, a woman...

And as a certified Shamanic Practitioner, a simpler life is key to being closer to nature, keeping my energy clear, and remaining a clear channel & healer so I can serve others.

Less is More

Operating under the principles of 20% of the effort creates 80% of the results.

This challenge will not make your life HARDER or BUSIER. It is designed to help you SIMPLIFY your life.

Join the Movement

Less stuff = less cleaning, less time, less effort, & less stress!

This isn't about having nothing though.

Keep what you love. Clear out what you don't. Life is meant to be LOVED and enjoyed

One bite at a time...

Your clutter adds to your overwhelm.

Catch-22: To eliminate overwhelm you need to declutter. To declutter you need to eliminate overwhelm.

Not knowing where to start won't hold you back anymore with my guidance.

All or something, not all or nothing!


Each month we will focus on a specific area of your life, home, or business to declutter or simplify to make YOUR life EASIER. 

  • Monthly & weekly email reminders (in case you're decluttering your social media time. FAIR).

  • Private group of people who GET you & your clutter. Community is KEY.

    • 3 post prompts/week for WHAT to declutter

    • 1 post/week for WHY, to keep you motivated

  • Specific rooms of the house or parts of your life each month, participate when/if you need to, or not, if you don't!

  • After one year of membership, you stay for free! We will start back at the beginning after the 12 months are up. (Start on ANY month, and after 12 months you will have done them all!)



Your bedroom will become your sacred space, your refuge & safe haven

It SHOULD feel inspiring. It SHOULD be gorgeous no matter your income levels. It SHOULD feel sexy, alluring, peaceful and calm..

And it WILL.


Been wanting to meal plan?

Always missing an ingredient or finding expired food when you go to cook a meal? Fantasies of being a chef?

Breaking down mindset, habits, and tossing stuff

Office/Storage room(s)

Clutter slows down our mental processes... if you work from home, make sure you have a space for clear focus.

Plus, if your storage rooms are packed, there's nowhere to put any excess AWAY


Cleaning supplies & Toiletries/Bathroom(s)

There's almost nothing some of us like to stock up on more than cleaning supplies & toiletries.

Time to let go of fantasy self, expired products, and things that don't leave your bathroom experience feeling spa-like


Entryways/Hallways/ Closet(s)

First impressions don't only matter in relation to meeting new people. What about the first time they step into your home?

And what about the instant reaction YOU have every time you arrive home?

How does it feel when you walk in the door>



Family meals, meal prep, mindful eating, diets, you name it... we're all trying to improve our eating habits.

Meals start in the kitchen, so let's make cooking a breeze, and more enjoyable with less cleanup, and access to what you need, when you need it!



That's right, it's not just our physical possessions that we should declutter!

What are you saying YES to that's taking up all your time??

This month my Simplify Your Schedule Kickstarter course is included (for PIF members) or discounted (for monthly members) to support you through this process & the mindset needed to say NO



It's a digital world these days, but that doesn't mean you have to be overwhelmed online!

When we have digital clutter it adds to the amount of time spent doing anything on a screen & to our overwhelm, contributing to the 'mental load' in a big way.

This month we will cover social media, digital files, subscriptions and more


Toys/Craft Supplies/ Living Room

This month is a bit of a flex - if you have kids/grandkids we will take a look at toys. If you're crafty (or the kids are), we will clear out excess supplies. If neither is your concern, we'll focus on the main living areas.

If all three are an issue, I recommend picking one this year, and doing another next time around, unless you're ready to go hard!



Now that your decluttering 'muscles' are a bit stronger, we're going to peek into some of the 'hidden' and usually more emotionally-charged or 'memorabilia' type clutter.

We're not turning off our feelings, but we aren't leaving our memories for others to feel guilty about trashing when we pass on either.

This will be a combination of decluttering & organizing what we DO want to keep



What better time than Christmas/Yule/the end of the calendar year to go through our seasonal decorations??

No matter what you celebrate, we all have some decorative items tucked away!

These can be almost as sentimental as our memorabilia, but since we are pulling it out anyway, now's the time to take a good look at what we're keeping!



Subscriptions, budgets, receipts, statements, tax papers, etc.

It's so easy to find ourselves drowning in paper clutter related to our finances!

Since most people start their calendar year with physical health and financial goals, I chose this month to peek behind THIS door.

Lifetime Access

Why this is rolling-enrollment, & lifetime access

Life too busy this month (or whichever month of the challenge)? Fall off the wagon for a few months? Not quite ready to start but you know you need this?

There are a lot of things to process emotionally when you process through your stuff, so it's not easy & I won't lie about that! Sometimes we need a breather in this process.

It's important to be kind to ourselves, & even forgive ourselves for where we're at, where we've been, & where we haven't yet arrived.

There is no punishment or loss for you if you need to pause. There is no right or wrong starting point.

Even when you're 'done', you're never done, because we all buy more things, are gifted more, & fall off the wagon sometimes.

Therefore, you keep this challenge for life when you invest once in the year-long challenge. It will run again as soon as it's done. And since I'm not re-inventing the wheel every year, I'm not charging you extra for that.



Tia RaeLynn Shaw

"Her methods touched every aspect of my life... I can definitely say it was LIFE CHANGING!"

Karen Lie

re Simplify Your Schedule Kickstarter (using in August)

"I loved how we were encouraged... with no blame or shame"


Kaitlyn Signorelli

"The skills I [had] learned in housekeeping were different than how I wanted to keep the house... I can't think of anyone better to run this type of program..."

This challenge isn't going anywhere, but the price is only going up! Get in now, declutter when you're ready.



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